Yamaha grizzly 550 problems

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The vehicle features a robust construction, is packed with a muscular 558cc engine and is also available with power steering which helps you move with agility in any situation. The 558cc engine delivers . I think there is something wrong with the transmission because it seems to be slipping in and out of gear. Starting to have trouble with my starter. I followed the steps in my service manual and have found stator to be bad I believe.

I checked the main fuse, which turned out to still be good. I have an yamaha grizzly 5efi that wont start. The battery is fully charge kill switch is on all wire connections are tight.

Written By: Andrew Smith. It did help, but there were ZERO signs of this with years on a Grizz 5on the SAME trails and terrain. No, something is wrong here . We will assist with warranty issues , however, all warranty issues are the ultimate responsibility of the manufacturer. Got this message from a friend of mine: Harley had his Stator replaced and I just had mine replaced. It was done under warranty, so I still have a few bucks in my pocket.

But, they found out why they are going bad. The Stator at low speeds or at idle does not get enough oil. They can fix it by putting in an oil . Without labouring the point, the 4Griz is the perfect ATV for anyone learning to ride. They always start, no problems other than the usual, loose brake cables, plastic rivits come loose on body, par for the course for the beatings I give them.

Grizzly 5-7Relay Testing Instructions. They are now made in USA for about years now slightly less they have been having quality control issues such as inferior welds on the A Arms and bolts not even tightened on the shocks etc. So here is the probleThere is no clearance for a regular grease fitting connector. The machine would run fine, but it was not keeping a charge in the battery.

Everything seemed fine so I moved on to the voltage regulator and stator.

Witam, Niestety mam pewien problem , mianowicie nie mogę znaleźć nr. I was sold on purchasing a yamaha 5with power steering, but yamaha is sure proud of their prices. I have had hardly any problems with my 3grizzly and I ride it HARD.

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