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He recons his Hilux is very disappointing in power. However when he gets home he will. What sort of problem could this be? L Hilux and i thought it was amazing? Could it be software they can just change .

DC – Any satisfied owners? Everything works fine with smooth ge. Lack of power and black smoke coming from the exhaust are a few symptoms. You may also hear a different noise coming from the turbo.

A replacement pipe fixes . This issue will result in a loss of boost pressure. Since getting it the engine has got quite loud when its cold and now is fairly loud all the time even when driving. Been looking for a Hilux for some time.

Toyota Hilux – Buying advice required. But the Top Gear experience has made them very sought after and consequently expensive. Main dealers seem to have . Thinking of buying a new hilux ,because I want a vehicle to tow 3. Post Your Questions Here!

Poor ground clearance, engine problems in wet and muddy conditions. Assalamaleikum, I work at a garage here in Kenya. Hope someone helps me on this so i can impress the boss.

Before I rush into it I would like to find out from other hilux owners what (if any) common problems they have experienced. Any help would be greatly . This forum is for discussions on Trucks and Pickups only! DO NOT POST ADS IN HERE WTB (Want to buy), LF (Looking for), EOI (Expression of Interest) or FS (For sale) topics etc will be deleted. If you are looking for a part please search or post in the Auto Parts Classifieds.

Thirdly, be prepared to spend more of your time to send it to the service centre for problem inspection due to the service centre that equipped with . All the previous issues with the injectors and seals should be sorted by now. I asked on a hilux specific uk forum.

Hi All, I have recently acquired a 2. I have had endless issues and expensive surprises since I took ownership some week ago. To my surprise this vehicle failed roadworthy with a number of issues to name but a few: Bottom balljoints, Rear brakes imbalance, . Det var något med slangarna mellan turbon och coolern som gjorde att det kunde bildas is som faller ner i turbon och slår sönder vingarna. Tror att detta problem endast gäller .