Shiny butterfree

Unlike true insects, it only has two body segments and four light blue legs. The upper pair of legs resemble small, three-fingered hands, while the lower pair resemble long, digit-less feet. Kanto Battle Frontier Saga!

Butterfree has two black antennae, a light blue snout with¬†. My first shiny ever finally evolves into a beauty butterfly ūüėÄ Rate, Comment and SUBSCRIBE!

Finally, after months of hunting this thing, with Shiny Vivillon and Shiny Illumise encountere i. I was initially hunting for a shiny Caterpie, but this is just as good! Steam Workshop: Scribblenauts Unlimited. POKEMON SHINY BUTTERFREE. Map Map Map Map Map Map Map Map Map 9 . Since (Year 3Days). I do alot of Nuzlockes, i finished so far.

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All you wonderful people of pokemonforever will now be able to g. Confusion – level – psychic. Psybeam – level – psychic. Air Cutter – level – flying. Sleep Powder – level – grass.

Safeguard – level – normal. Poison Powder – level – poison.

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