A pumapard is a hybrid of a puma and a leopard. Both male puma with female leopard and male leopard with female puma pairings have produced offspring. In general, these hybrids have exhibited a tendency to dwarfism. Carl Hagenbeck apparently bred several litters of puma x leopard hybrids in . A hybrid of a puma and a leopard. You are probably aware of Panthera hybrids from Napoleon Dynamite.

Specifically, Ligers, the largest of all the big cats. Whether born to a female puma and a male leopard or a female leopard and a male puma, pumapards . Can we all take a second to appreciate that we live in a world where there is an animal literally called the “ pumapard ”, come on even the word “ pumapard ” sounds like something you power by hugs. View the complete Dota profile for pumapard on Dotabuff. Dabei ist, im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Hybriden, völlig egal, welche Art die Mutter und welche der Vater ist.

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There is really only one hybrid of a cougar and any other animal: the pumapard. This is a cross between a cougar and a leopard. The poor pumapard is pretty much doomed from birth.

Puma-ocelot hybrid En hona puma har också paras med en hane ocelot och det blev en u. Pumapard är en hybrid mellan en puma och en leopard. Un pumapard est un hybride entre un puma (Puma concolor) mâle et un léopard (Panthera pardus) femelle. La dépouille est exposée au. Top related term for pumapard is tiger.

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