Polaris axys test

However, we had to find out for ourselves whether . Polaris Axys RMK Test Ride. This allows for improved sidehilling, faster and easier climbing, and instantaneous lift allowing the sled to pop onto the snow faster. The carbon fiber overstructure offers reduced weight without . We were asked to truly test the sled and ride as we would our own. From that experience they wanted us to form and share .

Swing the Axys into your favor with this new single pipe set. It provides an additional horsepower while trimming pounds on trail models and 14. Finished with ceramic coating which . Lightweight muffler with a trail tuned muscle sound. System fits securely in the original location using stock mounts and is guaranteed to provide performance levels as good as or better than stock.

A deposit of $5required today. US Pricing (In US Dollars). Remainder of payment required prior to . I can easily remember the huge fun I had to discover such a responsive platform on trail!

Considering the success this new chassis has known right on its first year of production, it has not . Firstly, the redesigned concept of the Assault 1in the AXYS platform combined with the new IGX 1suspension and its rear tipped rail beam . Klikkaa tästä kuvat ja lisätiedot. Breaking in the new AXYS 8on VES oil. Oil consumption was minimal and fuel mileage while not class leading was respectable for this much fun.

Clutching is always spot on and we never blew a belt on any of our test sleds. The variable caster front suspension is arguably the best in the business. What does the AXYS Rush or Switchback bring to the snow that . THE PIPE MOD FOR THE NEW AXYS 8IS WORKING GREAT!

SEND US YOUR PIPE NOW FOR A QUICK TURN AROUND! Make sure you remove the stock heat shield before shipping. If you are looking for the best performance products on the planet for your AXYS 8H. Extensive testing in our state of the art facility has allowed us to produce huge power gains that come with great dependability. We aim not only to make horsepower but to also fix common issues . För AXYS 8PRO RMK dansar nu vågnålen på 1kg!

Samtidigt som dessa extremer inom skotervärlden drar iväg växer dock behovet av lite mer sansade maskiner. Det är där nya 8SKS 1kommer . As one of the pioneers of the “tunerless turbo”, Silber offers the promise of less tuning, more riding, .