Mercedes sprinter sprintshift problem

Hi i have had this same problem with a Sprinter 2sprintshift gearbox, MB say there is no problem and its a simple comnnector that causes the problems , but as i have had four near misses with cars and pedestrians due to the gears jumping out when crossing busy junctions and on a harbour wall it is very . If the Sprinter has cooled down, again it must be heated several minutes – then turn off and start again. Hi everyone, I have a normally ultra reliable registered 313CDi Sprinter that has racked up an amazing 236K miles and is usually pretty much. The Sprinter judders at walking speed.

Other possibility involves problem with the clutch itself- uneven contact between pressure plate and clutch disc or two-mass flywheel out of order. However, Hymer did not see fit to abide by tradition and fit a switch.

Certainly there is no light switched on when the door ( passenger – German) is opened and as far as I can see there is not . Zu Problem 3: Was gab es für ein Getriebe? Vielleicht mal bei einem Fahrzeug das Steuergerät erneuern. Schließlich ist das Getriebe neu und wennin allen Steuergeräten kein Fehler hinterlegt ist, würde ich dort beginnen.

Poland three times and also toured in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, on the way there and back, since first buying it new in Feb. I must say it drives like a dream but I have had a problem with . Have you had issues with mysterious power interruption or gremlins, maybe with wipers, headlamps, radio, indicators and various other sections of the vehicles electrics? I’m having a problem with my sprintsift gearbox so before taking out a second mortgage in order to visit a mercedes garage I thought I’d see if any of you fellow motorhomers could help. When I drive it in auto mode it .

Under vintern plockade ut batteriet. Mercedes Sprinter Fuse . Kopplade på motorvärmaren. Startade motorn 1-gånger per vecka. Då när jag skulle flytta bilen, växellådan reagerade inte. Right got a sprinter at work, with the sprintshift (SSG) gearbox driver came back to yard after no problems at all.

Problém s robotizovanou převodovkou sprinshift. Převodovka někdy sama vyřadí (ale ne v tahu, spíš při volné jízdě, popř. dojíždění), zpět zařadí rychlost až manuálním zařazením (ručně). Při další jízdě nelze navolit A . Hej, någon som har erfarenhet av sprintrar med sprintshiftlåda. Våran 3CDI – lider av vibrationer. Men märks av och till även vid andra växlar, verkar också vara varvtalsberoende.

Annars funkar lådan precis som den skall men vibrationerna, huff . The transmission will need miles or more to relearn shift performance. Driving it normally will do this job of relearn.