Mercedes c klass problem

These sophisticated German cars are definitely one of the nicest cars in which to travel with well decorated interiors, which let you sink into comfort on those long journeys. Are you having problems with your Mercedes -Benz C – Class ? The C – Class was the entry to the prestige segment and still resonates as a. A great all-round car but sadly let down by the poor sat-nav that seems to take great joy in sending you around in circles. Have had a few issues , as well as the urgent recall notices, it was back in the garage within weeks of new due to an emissions issue which was cured by updating the engine management software.

I have spoken to friends of mine who also have mercedes cars and they also have the same trouble. I diod report it to the mercedes h. Having said the problems. See real-world Mercedes -Benz C – Class problems as described by other Mercedes -Benz C – Class owners. Also, see repair breakdown by year, problem area, and repair cost.

Electrical problems with Mercedes -Benz C Class Facelift MoPf W2S2can be caused by a bad prefuse box. W-reg Petrol, Owner for More than years. To me its the best make.

The C class has been very reliable and safe. The only problem I had was to replace the wiper motor last December. The rear-seats in the coupes are hardly useable at all. Although these vehicles are marketed as dependable luxury, some issues have been frequently reported with them.

Here are a few examples: Drivetrain Issues : Frequently Mercedes C – Class owners report problems with their vehicles downshifting into lower gears, often with a loss of power between 1st and 2nd gears. Or write your own review. Despite its beauty, its options, and its technology, the Mercedes C – class does have its share of problems.

Make sure you inspect the car carefully before . Problems and Faults with the W2C Class. The W2C Class is an extremely common Mercedes on UK roads at this current time. List of the most common Mercedes -Benz problems. From rust to engine mounts and transmission of C , E, S, CLK, CLS, ML, GL Class.

There is no signal from key to starter. Are there any relays or fuel that control . Reliability – Owner Reported Trouble Spots. The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle.

When I start the car, it makes an audible ticking sound under the dash. I am writing to see if there has been any recalls on Fuel problems with Mercedes C – Class. I am addressing this issue to you first. When I originally purchased the vehicle, I noticed the smell a little after filling it up, but, thought it was due . Bought mine one year ago.

Put 6k on the clock with absolutely no issues. I supplied oil and filter. The MOE tires have tread left after 6k and no traction problems in light snow or heavy downpours. Out of pocket wad for wheel . If your Mercedes C Class alarm starts to behave strangely with random false alarms sounding, indicators flashing without any alarm sound or even chirping whilst you are driving, then the number one cause for these issues is the siren module.

The siren module is a round black plastic canister about the size of a small bean . Includes problems and causes, from owners, repairers and technical service bulletins. Mercedes – Benz has never specified which cars were affecte but it is .