Killer croc vs lizard

Well unfortunatelly for these guys nobody. Its not easy being green. The sheer savage nature of it all. Battle takes place in a huge underground sewer.

They both start off on each different sides and have to smell or track each other in order to get to each other. Avatar image for mrtrevorguy.

Batman and Spider-Man fought. This is a video comparing similar comic book characters. Who would win if they fought? So which one of these scaly beasts can win in a DEATH BATTLE and will it be Good or Bad?

Ray: As monsters, reptiles can be cold-blooded killers and fearsome predators. These two combatants have taken the strengths of these two creatures and. Merry Shitmas, one and all!

Al final sabrás cuál de estos contendientes prefieres si eliges . One roun no prep-time, no outside help, standard weaponry, and to the death.

I think Lizard has the agility and intellectual. Cherry Rock Cherryfan001. Killer croc vs the lizard. I do not own either characters.

Lizard also has limitations, he is vunerable to col fears fire, and he has two identities struggling for control. Croc, I believe is more intelligent then Lizard in his lizard form. On Comics and Graphic Novels, a GameFAQs message board topic titled My versus topic day four. DudeWhatsALandPirate Almost Not a Noob. Issue by ComicBookRapBattles from desktop or your mobile device.

The setup: Location – Generic city sewers, neither combatant is familiar with the layout of . Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues! Because movie Lizard tanked four full on squadron with assault riffles, and healed his wounds the next half a minute. Edit: Just being bullet proof to handguns will put Croc in a better position to fight Lizard upfront than for Spiderman.

Since movie Spiderman got shot by a handgun bullet. or register to post comments. Last seen: hours min ago.