Implement definition

Define implement (verb) and get synonyms. What is implement (verb)? Definition of implement – a tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment that is used for a particular purpose, performance of an obligation. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

English dictionary definition of implement. A tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment used in doing work: a gardening implement.

An article used to outfit or equip someone: ecclesiastical. A plow is a farm implement. Licensed from iStockPhoto. The definition of implement is a tool that is used to perform a job. To implement is defined as to put something into effect.

An example of implement is a manager enforcing a new set of procedures. In an IT context, software or hardware implementation refers to the process of installing and maintaining a new system and making sure it operates correctly in its new business environment. Apply the noun implement when you want to use a fancy word for tool.

A knife and fork are implements for handling food.

A new work programme for young people will be implemented. Did he go through with the treatment? My nasal implement detects an abundance of faecal deposits in the approximate vacinity.

Implement and a full course to give you. Meaning and definitions of implement , translation in Hindi language for implement with similar and opposite words. Effectiveness Department has been facilitating change management in organizations by serving over agencies in more than states during the past five years. The primary model of change man- agement used by OE facilitators is called. Once the company recognizes the need to change to compete, we need to define a way forward in implementing Lean Manufacturing.

It is striking how much confusion there is between strategy, implementation , and execution. Is “strategy” a matter of making choices about where we want to go, where we play and how we win, of setting goals and actions, about how we create and capture economic value over time? Does it include creating . Examples to implement an agreement to implement a decision. Object interfaces allow you to create code which specifies which methods a class must implement , without having to define how these methods are handled. Interfaces are defined in the same way as a class, but with the interface keyword replacing the class keyword and without any of the methods having their contents.

This interface defines two methods: . The first step is to get the header right. The minister of foreign affairs of Turkey Ahmet Davutogu in turn reported that at the successful negotiations the heads of the foreign policy agencies of the two countries decided to also further develop mutually advantageous cooperation and implement various projects. Prior to implementation of a serialization solution the existing line needs to be firmly investigated.

We perform an analysis to define the possibilities of integrating the serialization solution using existing equipment and modules. Global overview of the fundamentals of financial control : what it is, what it does and how it is implemented.