Freeride 2017

Subscribe to the channel, more videos on the channel. Drawing on the best performance features of the Stubby and the Falcon, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Our favourite freeride snowboards of the year, as chosen by the Whitelines Team.

Snowboarding icons Tadashi Fuse and Gigi Rüf compete in Japan. NEW SEASON AND NEW DEVELOPMENTS FOR . Be sure to visit Trestle Bike Park for more details on other.

KTM in what has become a highly competitive segment of the motorcycle market. Freeride World Tour Title Comes Down to THIS. Great vibes, live music and skating. To pump up the scene, live bands contributed with concerts during the freeride and in the evenings. It sure was something special to see bands playing by the second hairpin of the track and also during the night during the skate sessions.

The full shuttle going up. Ahhhh, a sigh of relief and joy. Greater stability and buoyancy for heavier riders up to 1kg. Ultimate glide and stability in an all round cruising design.

Pulled in tail outline for late take off and extra reactivity. Boxy rails, deep center channel and 32″ width provide ultimate stability. Ultra wide diamond tail and low nose rocker for . This event was coordinated and run strictly by VOLUNTEERS! Yardwaste put in some back breaking beurocratic labor to secure . At the Historic Maryhill Loops Road. This is just gathering of friends and world class athletes for a weekend of fun and skateboarding the legendary Maryhill Loops Road.

Allroundskida med fokus på hårdare underlag. Konstruktionsmässigt lik de bredare QST med indragen skärning, honeycomb i tip och tail, sandwichkonstruktion och CFX superfiber som är en blandning av kolfiber och lin. Plattare tail än de bredare syskone. Shop Stillwater Powersports in Stillwater, Oklahoma to find your next. Brianne Collective is a group running downhill skateboarding and longboarding events in the UK.

YAMAHA FESTIVAL OF FREERIDE. Watch now to get your ticket to ride!