Boom shakalack lyrics

Dip and go down in a the new stylee. Wine and go up, Wine and go down. Bubble and a Rock ca the new style around. Do the Boomshackalak till the dance hall full up. The Boomshackalak it a the brand new .

You got me jumping like. Boom shakalaka , boom shakalaka , boom. Bin Laden still alive, who killed John Kennedy? The end of the world is gonna start tonight Has NASA been lying about a trip to the moon? Further popularized by Bill Murray in the movie: STRIPES.

Later morphing into shorthand exclamation of an incredible play in sports ( usually a slam dunk) by the sports anchors at ESPN. Currently used by men to describe . Do the boomshackalak till the dance hall full up.

The boomshackalak it a the brand . Come and gather round children. Got to settle down children. Boom ( shakalaka ,shakalaka,shakalaka,shaka) Boom ( shakalaka ,shakalaka,shakalaka,shaka) Boom ( shakalaka ,shakalaka, shakalaka,shaka).

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Boom Shakalaka Donnie cool motherfucker. Blue Ivy: Everything a singaaa everything a shacka, everything a shacka. I have walked in the rain. Rose: Music is flashin me. Sly: I want to take you higher.

Baby baby baby light my fire. Larry: Sound is in the city too. Neomu nun busheo Like fire.

So hot hot (tsssh) I like that. Geudae maltu and bad boy style. Nun useume na ppuk bbajyeo. Dareun namja wa neun dalla. Nae shimjang ttwige mandeu neun.