Yanmar yse12 specifications

Salt water-cooled (Rubber impeller). Starter: 12V – 0Kw Generator: 12V – 25A. Yanmar marine diesels ler measure. Bore Xstroke mm (inch) 75x(X295) 85X90(44).

The starting system of YSE low profile type is Electric with manual combination only.

Covers current and discontinued models. I had this old wooden boat for years, and used her extensively, travelling many miles around our waterways. Could you also please tell me how much oil I would need. YANMAR YSE-MarineSailboat diesel engine HP complete with Transmission 2. Sold as seen in pictures. All measurements are approximate.

Note: These curves show the average performance of respective engines in test operation at our plant.

Fuel consumption at flywheel output ի 1Ի 3. All-speed governor, insterlocked with easy-to-operate. Part Description 8: Specifications l. Outside diameter of pulley. V belts ı Single HIVI type Single HM type. Any opinions on this motor for Grey Seal?

There is a used unit available in my neighborhood (not this one). Its extra-compactness, light weight , and large output permit engine room to be. Speed-up ratio: (on stern or bow side). Please check the suitability of the item for your own use.

If you happen to have a manual that you can send as a PDF, that would be very helpful. I will get to know this . For the final and most important step I went for a drive and took my re-assembled injector to a diesel repair shop, along with the specs from the service . The engine will run, then die out. I am changing fuel lines, fuel pump and replacing needle valve on the injector pump.

I am looking for the pressure rating for the fuel pump to get a replacement- any ideas on the specs for this engine for fuel pump . UNIT TYPE: HITACHI, YANMAR VOLTAGE: VOLTS AMPERAGE: AMPS REGULATOR POSITION: 4: 00. POLARITY: NEGATIVE OUTPUT STUD DIMENSIONS : M5-0. Service parts for the YSEmarine desiel engine all serviable parts listed.

Their engines are used in a wide range of applications including seagoing vessels, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and generator sets. The flow rate info should help me estimate whether its pumping anything like the amount of water it should. Not available from Barrus as no.

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