Volvo l60g specifications

Gross Power, 1hp, 114. Displacement, 3cu in, 5. Aspiration, TURBOCHARGED. Net Power, 1hp, 1kw. Max Torque, 5lb ft, 6Nm.

G standard boom long boom. SPECIFICATION : TWO (2), ½ – Cubic Yard Wheel Loader, Rubber Tire,. Volvo L60G Wheel Loader. If the specifications requested do not exactly coincide with your equipment you may take exception and bid your equipment.

All exceptions must be noted and fully explained on a. Ute efter hög prestanda? Då behöver du inte fortsätta ditt sökande. Både L60G , L70G och L90G är konstruerade för styrka och precision.

Helautomatisk Power Shift . From the comfort of your loading shovel, sit back and enjoy a clear view of the site while increasing your productivity. Values in Metric Change. Static tipping load at full turn.

With their unique Torque Parallel linkage, these machines combine power with precision. Need help finding a component? Our team of sourcing specialists are here to help! This combination of power throughout the lift cycle, parallel movement and long reach makes the L60G , L70G and L90G ideal in material handling. Our latest and most up-to-date charts and specs for Wheel Loaders.

Change attachments quickly with the attachment bracket for . With the versatile hydraulic attachment bracket, these front end loaders excel at truck loading, waste handling, building construction, earth moving, landscaping and more. Fuel Tank Capacity gal. View Current Brochure View Non Current Specs View Used Equipment.

John Deere 524K Wheel Loader . Location, Fargo, North Dakota.