Volvo 850 problem

Problem with your Volvo 8? Our list of known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your Volvo 850. This happens every 3-month. I then need to change plugs, and then have the starter running like a looong.

SYMPTOM CHECK LIST WORKSHEETS. It does not apply specifically to one make or model.

Why Use the Symptom Check List. The car has 150k and is pretty clean. ANyway I have not looked at the car yet. What type of thing should I look for? I know every cars has it weaknesses, so what type of . There are complaints on file for the Volvo 850.

About a year ago it developed a strange problewhen turning the ignition. It has a lot of little dents, runs a little rough and has stupid purplish tints. I plan on restoring it.

Before I put any time or money into it, I wanted to know if this was normal. When I drive it flat out, floor it, . Many of these cars suffer difficulties starting, especially when the engine is only run for a short time then switched off, and an attempt is then made to restart it. It is inadviseable to start any car with a catalytic converter in order to move it a short distance.

It has 75k miles and is being offered for much less than its trade-in value. What issues should I look out for? I have read on this board about the self-destructing evaporators. I also know that the 740s had problems with the turbos destroying themselves at 60k miles. The 8was the vehicle which put Volvo on the map in North America as a maker of high end cars because this . Hey Guys, I am planning to take a look at an 8wagon.

If you insist on a car with actual . I test the plug wires and not getting and current there. The issue: whether an engine problem Claybrook paid to have fixed should have been repaired free by Volvo, even though her car was two years out of warranty. I replaced the coil, the c.