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Learn more at Biography. The pair called it quits on May 9. Court documents obtained by DailyMail. They live in Des Moines, Washington.

Her plea agreement called for six months in jail, with three months suspende and no contact . They have a long history together,” a source close to Letourneau tells PEOPLE.

There are financial considerations that have made this whole thing a . Just two years later, the couple filed for separation . News has learned that Vili filed for legal separation earlier this month. Letourneau says in the docs that she “believes in reconciliation, is reconciling . He said that “everything is fine” between the couple. The original story continues below . Letourneau, a former teacher in Seattle, Washington, made headlines . Husband files for separation from former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau.

USA Today NetworkMary Bowerman, USA TODAY Network Published 10:a. Then again, when they wed . She was and married with four . She later pled guilty and was . LeTourneau was released from prison. Barbara Walters sat down with the couple on the eve of their 10th wedding anniversary.

They began a sexual and romantic relationship that would lead to nationwide television coverage, multiple jail stints, books about . Twenty years after their love affair scandalised the world an American man wants to end his marriage to the former teacher who raped him when he was 12. She became pregnant and gave birth that year. Brace for another round of really fucking weird and uncomfortable coverage of this case.

And while the 33-year-old clearly wants to split from the scandalized former educator, it appears as though Miz Letourneau is NOT eager to break up the family . The man who married his former sixth-grade teacher after she was jailed for raping him has filed for legal separation from her. The relationship shattered both their lives. It almost sounds like a “Saturday Night Live” sketch – cast the legendary, self- aware King of kitschy over-acting William Shatner as Host. Vili was just years old at the time and Mary Kay was 34. Fualaau says he has suffered from ridicule, . One of the scandalous love affairs of the last years is ending.

In the summer they got romantic and fucked.

She got sentenced to like years in prison, did 6 .