Tree tent

Take adventure to the next level. Find the best camping hammock tents for sale online from Tentsile. Tree tents , hammock tents, suspended tents, call it what you want to call it, we are calling it a camping revolution. The Tentsile Stingray is the ultimate person portable treehouse tent with a removable fly sheet, available in a choice of colours.

It offers you and your friends the chance to connect with each other and nature on a completely new level and in unparalleled comfort.

A tree tent is a camping tent designed to be set above the groun usually attached to or supported by the neighboring trees. Like a tent, it must be a complete enclosure that can house a camper and his or her gear while suspended off the ground. Like tree houses, a tree tent may be accessed via a rope ladder and provide . On a mountainside or over a stream, there are no more limits.

Available at REI, 1 Satisfaction Guaranteed. Camping on the ground is so last millennium. Get hip with the new age and get yourself a tree tent for sleeping high in the air.

Treehouse architect Alex Shirley-Smith wanted to create a portable treehouse, a kind of ready-made, floating. Find and save ideas about Tree tent on Pinterest. See more ideas about Suspended tent, Tentsile tent and House like tents. The Tentsiles will be pitched ahead of your arrival, you just need to bring your sleeping essentials.

A special treat for nature lovers. When you remove a cocoon tree from its site the nature resumes its rights without any trace to its passage. It is exactly the same for the cocoon splash, its releases are only clean water.

If you do not want to han git in trees we provide stand-alone feet to offer the advantage of a raised tent. Better than a 5-star hotel, from the tops of the trees the sky is a sublime spectacle, and you can sleep with your Tentsile tree tent , suspended in nature. Welcome to Tentsile Australia. Our tree tents offer an incredible new way for you and your friends. Separated from wet, lumpy, bumpy, uneven ground and with increased protection from snakes, . Videos Description Specs The Stingray is our flagship three-person tree tent and Design Icon – now sold in Museum of Modern Art, NY.

This unique and comfort. To explore the back country safely and comfortably, you need the right equipment – and although setting up camp usually happens on the groun a new trend of suspended tree tents is taking camping to new heights (literally). ONLY LEFT The Magna Tree tent is the Newest addition to the Madera family.

Trees Planted per purchase! Tentsile is a camping brand created from innovation and a desire to enjoy the outdoors in practical, yet sustainable ways. Creatively engineere sustainable glamping structures to enhance the world’s wild and natural places.

Woodhaven is for those who are ready to really camp! A large field is available for those with large scale activities planned. Woodhaven is perfect for those exploring camp during day hikes or for the primitive . The UK’s first tree tent is an exciting place to stay for those young at heart and seeking experience and adventure. Tree Tents , Barcombe, East Sussex.

KUDHVA is close to a great surf break and beach. Its an hour from Newquay airport.