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T Sport, and am a regular user of an Audi web forum. Used cars are ridiculously expensive these days, even if your willing to spend in the region of several thousand your still left with what is essentially a banger. My drls was working fine then they went off with a bulb warning. Octavia II Common Faults or Problems and the Fixes.

I did a light test with vcds and they came on but thats about it. Space in the car is cavernous, dual level boot allows plenty of hidey holes to stow stuff with .

Welcome to the MSE Forums. After several times of me trying to find out wat was going on I was eventually told they were waiting for a new engine for the car, once again I waited only to be told there was a problem with the cylinder head. Skoda – Automotive – Whirlpool.

Auto zostało sprowadzone z Niemiec. Jeśli chodzi o obroty na biegu osiągał max tys. Samochód został oddany do mechanika, jak stwierdził turbo nie do wymiany . In reply to John_Hat: Search for your query on Honest John, there have been a few stories of reduced torque and other problems.

I have not noticed any difference at all in the engine performance or characteristics.

A house move got in the way of sorting . Skúšal som problém vyhľadať pomocou vyhladávača na stranke, ale nenašiel som, následne tému pre DSG problemy pre RS 2. Zapowiedzi i relacje z imprez motoryzacyjnych. Ostatni post: 4nano Time. Czyli wszystko o samochodowym hi-fi, multimediach, CB Radio, nawigacji i problemach z tym zwiazanych. Pomożemy przy wyborze komponentów, . TDI DSG with engine CAYC. Recently, it has shown a strange . I think is a prolem with lock cylinder.

I try to remove lock cylinder use the instruction . He checked and said that there is a problem in the air mass filter and I must get it changed. He advised chainging the air filter too. I got it changed that very weekend. As for the speed sensor, by reading forums and going through , I came to know that throttle position sensor and mass airflow sensor can be faulty and causing the low . WITAM, ZGUBILEM TZW MATKE OD ALARMU I NIE MOGE ODPALIC AUTA. WIE KTOS MOZE JAK ROZLACZYC DODATKOWY ALARM?

Twice I have returned to find that the alarm has activated AND all the windows are open right the way down. I bought this car second hand from a reputable .