Ski doo 850 hp

Observed HP measured on internal dyno test in optimal. MORE POWER YOU CAN FEEL. The most powerful 2-stroke engine in the industry.

It pumps out more horsepower (1hp ) than its predecessor, but its responsiveness is what really shines. We had also hoped to advance timing—something that added torque and HP to the Etec 800s.

But unfortunately, the early version of software requires a “key” . Jay Mentaberry and Gred Dana spring testing the 8etec April 2 Western Wy. Rotax engines are used in Ski – Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea- Doo watercraft, Can-Am all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles as well as Can-Am Spyder roadsters, motorcycles, karts, light and ultra light aircraft. Based on horsepower numbers and actual seat of the pants experience, the differences between the Ski – Doo 8and Yamaha Sidewinder turbo were clear.

R E-Tec, and the 8has 106. This new motor is only available in the . Ive gone through my official sales .

It is the most important Ski – Doo introduced to date. Ski – Doo Summit X 8E-TEC pictures, prices, information, and specifications. There was always an asterisk beside that figure specifying it was third party testing by Dyno Tech. So when the 8hits Dyno Tech, it may or may not be . Jim Cooper of Coopers Sales and Service SkiDoo brought his BUDSto try to monitor engine data. We wanted the numbers, and dyno testing this 8E-TEC demo sled at DynoTech Research (DTR) was great fun!

The Ski – Doo marketing people had teased us by suggesting that the new 8E-TEC tested at “1uncorrected HP ” on their engine dyno. Ski – Doo released the hot 8E-Tec engine and Gen Rev chassis in a limited number of variations last season. Turns out a LOT of people really liked it and asked for the combo in their preferred package.

Ski – Doo product planners read the fan mail and have released a boatload of 1horsepower , . We were years ahead of the competitions big bores with our 8Etec engine package and are way ahead of the curve with G. BoonDocker has announced that its much anticipated Ski – Doo 8Turbo Sidekick pump gas kit is now available for pre-order. We offer this and much more, so check. With the new pDrive primary . Build what people will buy.

Sled is in Excellent Condition. Do not want to sell, but have to due. As a Skidoo owner, its pretty sad they advertised 163. They should have just advertised their actual numbers instead of some third party numbers, regardless of why.

I doubt they change the tune, why would they tune it up then tune it down for release?