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The shamrock first began to change from a symbol purely associated with St. It appears on the flag of Erin Go Bragh, meaning “ Ireland Forever”, was utilized by St. Patrick as a symbol of Irish identity, and can be found on the uniforms of Irish sports teams, and on the tail of the national airline, Aer . Shamrocks have been symbolic of many things over the years.

According to legen the shamrock was a sacred plant to the Druids of Ireland because its leaves formed a tria and three was a mystical number in the Celtic religion, as in many others.

Patrick used the shamrock in the 5th century to illustrate the doctrine of . Today, in preparation for St. You only have to see a shamrock and a whole pile of Gaelic and Irish associations come to mind. Even though the Irish Harp is the official symbol of Ireland and you will see it on all Irish minted euro coins, it is.

Come on then, what is a shamrock ? A shamrock is a young spring of white clover that grows during winter time. The significance of the shamrock is linked to St. We take a look at some of the most well-known Irish symbols and explain how they came to be so, .

Eating and drinking the shamrock. The first reference to the shamrock in English was by an Elizabethan writer, Edmund Campion, who considered it a foodstuff. Did you know that there is actually no such plant as a shamrock ? The wildflower that is commonly called a shamrock in Ireland is in fact a white clover. This confusion is partly down to the mythology of the shamrock and the different representations that have appeared in Celtic artwork through the centuries.

According to Irish legen the druids in Ireland looked at the shamrock as a sacred plant because its leaves formed a triad. Over time, the shamrock has gone . The true Irish Shamrock , as identified by Nathaniel Colgan c. It is not one of any or many clovers, it is one species, collected from a majority of counties at that time and with the exception of a very few plants, the majority were Trifolium repens or a form of this plant – White clover also known . Just in case there was any doubt, each carton, destined for wholesalers from London to Liverpool and Donegal to Dublin, is emblazoned with the words: Authentic shamrock – grown in Ireland. This is the green gold that is Trifolium dubium, the three-leafed plant used by St Patrick to convert Ireland. Backgroun Shamrock , Plant, Clover. The most well-known meaning was imparted to the shamrock by St.

Occasionally shamrocks are found with four leaves. These are rare and considered to be very lucky for the finder. Find out more about shamrock meanings here.

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Our Irish Shamrock is the official variety that is presented to all American Presidents on St. Dare we say it, exiles lining the Fifth Avenue parade route, in New York, and other cities around the world today, are probably more avid wearers of the shamrock that has become accepte in most places, as the emblem of Ireland. But it is not our official emblem — that falls to the harp — just one of the . The tradition of wearing shamrock dates back centuries, and the small, three-leafed (or trefoil) plant is famously a symbol of Irishness.