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As we look back, it feels fair to crown her as an official feminist icon. She enjoys teasing animals, banlon, and seeing people running for their lives. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

The legendary comedian was asked by radio host Howard Stern to set the record straight about actors who were close to being cast in the sitcom which ran for nine seasons.

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Rate all of your favorites here. She definitely made good use of those sponges. Jerry lives in a rent controlled building. The only time an apartment opens up is when Mrs.

Hudwalker dies, because rent controls create immobility. Elaine and Jerry find out about the opening, and because Elaine happens to be first in line, she gets it for $4per month. Subsequently, Jerry gets worried about having Elaine.

Karsten Jurkschat and Alex Little, a creative team from Melbourne , have put their pun and pasting skills to good use, lining a little street . Similarly, Elaine Benes has become somewhat of a prototype for the perfect female sitcom lea from her — at times — rather misanthropic view of the . My roommate and I had a bet. You are a queen, Elaine.