Problem audi a4 2 0 tdi

Motor lauf – Duration: 0:29. Bilen jag köpt är en Audi AAvant 2. Jag har sökt information på utländska forum och sett att fler haft liknande problem. Nicméně TÜV Report uvádí, že během technických prohlídek patří Audi Ak těm méně problémovým automobilům. Vozy staré šest až sedm let mají průměrný proběh 123.

Never had an oil problem during its 80klms.

I have had oil problems since the get go. Received the same feed back from Audi and their dealers as others have had on this forum. Some posts talk about a . Audi did replace the ignition coils under recall AND Audi did replace the turbo flap back at 50k which was identified as the culprit when the car previously lost its ability to accelerate quickly.

Can someone advise which 2. I think the 197bhp engine appears to be more reliable than the later 217bhp engine. If so when was the last 197bhp . It was fantastic for a few months. It really has made the car not worth it in the least.

Or write your own review. Are you having problems with your Audi A? The fault is intermittent and very dangerous. Has anyone had this experience and if so how was it resolved. I always got the impression that VW issues were largely: 1. DCT and the price of the service schedule . Problem with your Audi AQuattro?

Our list of known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your Audi AQuattro. Diesel, Owner for more than years. Great until audi blb engine packed in and had to be replacend and despite a full service history audi washed their hands even though a known deisgn fault. Apart from above problem ok.

A leak off test of the injectors shows no problems. Supply pressure and flow to the high pressure pump is good. They ALL use oil and to fix it you need to pull the whole engine out and do a complete rebuild with new pistons, piston rings, gaskets etc. The latest Astays true to this methodology. Gearbox has an extraordinary habit.

TFSI Quattro s-tronic 0B(DL501) problem. I know a number of people with these cars and all but out of have had issues with the electronic handbrake.

T quattro – OVER REVVING problems.