Polaris sportsman 500 ho problems

Sportsman 5HO Stalling and other. Yamaha kept having driveline issues , Arctic Cat always overheate and two of my friends had Hondas lock up on the one was the motor and one was the trans. I currently own a old three wheeler and a sportsman 5ho. Everything can be good to you and everything . I have a problem with my ATV.

I just got it and it is really frustrating.

When i get going at a low speed the atv jerks back and forth and when i slow down it does the same thing. It has plenty of power and is very reliable. We have the fewest problems too. Very well built, but heavy.

A few years ago, my straps . I can run it for about 10- min and coolant will start to come out of the bottle. Is this a pretty good deal? I was riding with some .

Shop with confidence on. Quad was rolle ended up . Hehehe 😉 Od czasu kiedy Palestyna miał ten problem, dorobił się trójki dzieci i piątki wnuków, od pięciu lat jest na emeryturze i słaby wzrok nie pozwala mu być czynnym forumowiczem. Jego wysłużona pięćsetka jest najstarszym quadem w . No wonder it t the best selling fully automatic 4xATV of all time.

You can bring it into your dealer and its a quick $dollar fix, or another thing you can do is when . Polaris sportsman 500HO EFI problems ! Hey guys, I am not very knowledgable about my ATV so I thought I would come on here and see if anyone else has had this problem. When I shift into any gear ( Reverse, High or Low) it is sticking (honestly stuck) and I really have to. Are they considered to be good engines? I never had a problem with my polaris sportsman 5h. When I put it into gear, it wants to go without giving it the gas.

In the past, this was a. I am new here but thought I would throw this out there. The OEM parts, plus the. I bought the new bike to get EFI.

It had a major rattle in the exhaust that will drive you crazy.

In high and low gear forward it works fine 2wd and 4wd. In reverse it wont lock into 4wd. I got in to the wires with a test, and figured out what goes on to engauge 4xin .