Polaris axys problem

Being a dealer we get to repair a lot of snowmobiles throughout the winter. If you are constantly getting snow into the hood then they will fail. I have seen on the build thread in the Assault forum he just used another of the . In short, the new 8axys motors seem to be very, very reliable with some high mileage sleds already out there. Talked to dealer yesterday and they said only the black boards are a problem and they expect they will be replaced . I finished the season with .

Even if many articles have been. We wanted to find out what the goals and objectives were of the Axys Project. Not only their new AXYS platform machines, but all of them.

They work right out of the box, they are calibrated with near perfection, and they just plain run strong and consistently with little to no issues at all. You can not beat the fun factor, handling and shear grunt of the axys. Both are fast but the 800x is too smooth that makes it boring. Axys at 70mph will pull the skis in the air at will.

Launches off jumps like crazy. Rails the corners without ski lift unless you throttle it create lift.

How about a review of your new. Biggest problem so far is all my gear is Skidoo! LOL I got a new jacket but my. Its going to take me some time to aquire the polaris stuff.

Ive got years worth of Skidoo. Here is the solution for your overheating problems in marginal snow conditions. By installing the MTNTK performance long tunnel cooler you will double your cooling surface area and coolant capacity.

We started with a fresh design and . No pictures due to proprietary reasons. This clutch kit requires machine work . Polaris 8AXYS Hot Trail Clutch Kit – $475. No longer is the Indy available with the 8engine. Switchback AXYS and we ended up putting on over 2miles that weekend and she never had any issues with her back and commented that she could have gone much further.

Never any issues if maintained properly and overall ride is the best out there. Backing up is very easy. If we need to, we will drive to the mountains and work with you to do special tunes or fix a problem ! The AXYS platform offers a very attractive new . MB – Duration: 6:- Bitrate: 1Kbps – FileType: mp3.