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Know how the Philips multione configurator enables configuration of different funtions in multiple lighting devices. Learn more about multione configurator. MultiOne Configurator website.

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Simplify configuration within Development and Production environements, by using wireless configuration via SimpleSet. The result is easy, fast, and wireless configurability making . An intuitive system to configure the multiple functions in all DALI lighting solutions. A programming tool for all DALI configurable products. Unique product combining configuration with debugging. This Getting Started guide covers the following topics to help you start using.

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Tapping into Philips Advance Xitanium LED Drivers with SimpleSet is easy. Then, after connecting the programming device to the computer, touch the device to the appropriate place on the driver and the programming device . One tool for all Philips configurable drivers, both for conventional and LED systems. Flexibility for OEM providing access to the features built into the driver. Optimized for use in the production process. Unique tool that combines configuration with diagnostics.

Design-in guide Philips Xitanium Programmable LED drivers. Introduction to this guide. Figure – Philips Xitanium Programmable LED driver F-can. Next Day UK delivery as standard. Over 5product lines in stock.

We will match any like for like price. Home LEDs LED Drivers Phillips LED Drivers . Los nuevos equipos configurables con funcionalidades de control integradas de Philips permiten ser programados por esta herramienta, definiendo el funcionamiento de la luminaria para elevar al máximo el ahorro de energía y reducir al mínimo el impacto ambiental. Working with the USB2DALI interface.

For detailed information . More information about AOC and how to set the output current . The technology uses wireless near-field communications (NFC) to communicate with the LED driver. There is nothing proprietary about the programming device itself, and OEMs can easily incorporate the hardware and concept into their process as they see fit. On selected Xitanium Xtreme drivers the diagnostics functionality is available. The purpose of Diagnostics is to gather information and help diagnose the history of the driver and connected LED .