Microprop mig2

The control has been developed for maximum. As with our attachments, Engcon believe in the importance of manufacturing all of our products so that they work. These instructions are designed to describe replacement of the original base machine joystick with the joystick supplied with the engcon DC2.

It is important that the joysticks are used together with engcon DCfor the Declaration of Incorporation in the installation instructions to be valid. In addition to these installation . An end-user sits in a machine on average hours a day and is exposed to ergonomical risks such as repetitive strains to shoulders and wrists. MIGuses a patented hand support that relieves the end-user of many of these risks. The hand support is flexible and can be adapted to the individual needs of the end- user. ECtiltrotator with Q Safe quick coupler + EC Oil auto oil connection – Duration: 4:52.

With this app you can connect to a engcon DCcontrol system. There are two main functions that are very useful; the tool program and the remote support. You can create up to different tool settings in the system. Each tool can be named and a picture can be chosen for fast identification.

MIG( Microprop Grip 2) är ett ergonomiskt och greppvänligt handtag för krävande användning och kan utrustas med tre rullar och knappar, vilket då totalt.