Metapod resembles a green chrysalis. Its body is crescent-shaped with several segments making up the lower point. The front of its shell resembles a face with heavy-lidded eyes and a sharply pointed nose. The back of its shell consists of several geometrically shaped portions and projections.

It stays still because it is preparing its soft innards for evolution inside the hard shell.

It is not recommended to catch it, because it does not learn any. Experience Growth, Base Happiness, Effort Values Earne S. Points Medium Fast, 7 Defense Point(s), Often . It quietly endures hardships while awaiting evolution. But it also offers powerful configuration options for nearly all functions so you can customize it to your needs. No advertisement, no analytics, no accounts, no data mining – Just a podcast app . It can also be evolved from Caterpie using Caterpie Candies.

Golden Razz Berry, -, 44.

Il suo numero identificativo Pokédex è 11. Allo stato selvatico conosce esclusivamente la mossa Rafforzatore. Pokémon Bozzolo della prima generazione. It evolves from Caterpie at level and evolves into Butterfree at level 10.

Its strongest moveset is Bug Bite and Struggle. While this Ability is active, it has a chance of curing itself from one of the Five Status Conditions. Weaknesses and Resistances.

This pokemon just sits there and all he can do is harden. It is an bug-cocoon like creature that basicly has no abilities , other then Harden which sharply raise. Species: Height: Weight: lbs. Once they reach level 1 they evolve into Butterfree. The only pokemon that i need for completed the game is kakuna and metapod , but cant find , i think in ghost house.

In front of the haunted house are two trees. Niki Acosta – October Comments. About two years ago, Cisco acquired Metaclou the company I worked for, along with a team of brilliant engineers, product managers, . Fails if the user is awake.

Please tell us about the probleIncorrect Image. Listen to METAPOD in full in the Spotify app. Get Spotify Open Spotify .