Mercedes benz vito problem

Can have trouble removing glowlugs from the head if they fail. And the turbo needs idling from hot after a long ascent, after towing, or after hauling a heavy load. Honest John recommends . This can be attributed to many reasons. It may take a fair amount of troubleshooting to arrive at the exact cause.

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Ask your own question now . I found the Vito to be quite good. I had a big problem with transmission jumping into limp mode. Very hard to trace cause, as it would happen at any time. After quite some time and all kinds of replacement parts, the dealer arranged for new TCU (transmission control unit).

As well as the panel van versions, you can also order the Vito Crew Van and Tourer minibus models. Hi, the vito do not want to start when the engine is hot. It will crank but not start.

I took it for a diagnostic and the mechanic picked up two faults: (1) Crank . Mercedes Benz was quite good about this as the. This may not work for you depending on the exact nature of your gearbox issue , but if you are living with the same set of problems I had then its well worth the small investment before following other pathways (all of which are mostly inordinately expensive!). Im not sure how much a vito can carry so you would have to ask Merc. Provided it meets with either of the above it will still be classed as a van for tax purposes. Dave Vanderspek – Member.

I was all for buying a vito until i did some research. They seem to suffer from a lot of problems , . Nå var det ikke jeg som hadde bilen mesteparten av tiden, men såvidt meg bekjent var det aldri et eneste problem av nevneverdig størrelse med den så . It is available as a standard panel van for cargo (called Vito ), or with passenger accommodations substituted for part or all of the load area (called V- Class or Viano). The first generation went on sale in . Includes problems and causes, from owners, repairers and technical service bulletins.

General Tech – Vito Intermittent Starting Problem ! Ze względu na awaryjnego poprzednika samochód nie cieszy się jednak. Thinking of getting a Merc Vito van, do they have any major problems ? Had owned numerous Benz sedans which he liked but always bitched about the van running costs. Just bought a new one last week so .

The worst complaints are electrical, engine.