Mercedes a klass problem

The car was fantastic And at the time seemed worth the £23k I paid. I have been into the dealership on occasions to get the problem sorted and each time being told the problem is. This is my second A class , I went for an automatic this time because of a small hip problem.

The first A1which I had for just over two years was fault free, that is why I chose another one. Oil, Spark Plugs,Timing Chain been.

Words ByMatthew Burrow . Mercedes -Benz A- Class gearbox problem. From rust to engine mounts and transmission of C, E, S, CLK, CLS, ML, GL Class. Starter Problems : Warning lights can indicate impending starter issues. Sometimes the vehicle turns over but will not start. Auto Transmission Problems : This is one of the most common A- Class problems.

Some owners have noted a slight slipping in first gear, and a drum might need replacement.

Power Steering Problems : . Also, see repair breakdown by year, problem area, and repair cost. These sophisticated German cars are definitely one of the nicest cars in which to travel with well decorated interiors, which let you sink into comfort on those long journeys. Or write your own review. Then after I leave it off for minutes it start.

For the first months the brakes worked OK, but then (when stationary and holding the car on the footbrake) the pedal sinks slowly to the floor. It can then be pumped to . Solution: You will need to fit a replacement coil pack to resolve this issue. If you have the correct tools then this might be something you can do yourself.

Tätningar i dörr- och baklucke-skarvar som inte. When I start the car, it makes an audible ticking sound under the dash. Includes problems and causes, from owners, repairers and technical service bulletins.

It jumps out of the rails and I founda. Make sure you inspect the car carefully before . Situated within the air induction pipe work is your mass air sensor (MAFS) its . Average owner rating: 3.

The A- class also performed well in independent safety . The report, which we embed below, perfectly highlights the need for over-the-air updates across the whole automotive industry. According to the filing, the recall is due . The latter sounds like a small problem , but the affected fuses controlled the air-bag system, so it was still a big deal. Here in the UK, the W2is a very common sight amongst the taxis thanks to the frugal four cylinder engines providing great economy and decent .