Leatherman tread apple watch

Available in brushed stainless steel and brushed black diamond- like carbon. I had a great idea for my Apple Watch and it worked better than I thought. The Tread itself is modular, and the Apple Watch will have interchangeable bands.

And for those who need some refreshing, the Tread is one of the finest multi-tool bracelets out there for fans of sleek everyday carry gear. Now, the bracelet can boast .

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Instea use its actual . Pricing ranges from $3 for a watch or G-Shock adapter, to $for an Apple Watch adapter. There are quantity discounts for those who want to buy more than one adapter.

If you try one of these adapters, please let us know what you think of it! The versatile bracelet features individual links equipped with tools that perform two or three functi. Read more… Lyden responded with the obvious: Apple Watches , smart gadgets, and exercise bands like Fitbit. Leatherman tread and Apple watch have the most impressive design. Good thing you have the tools with you, right?

This band replaces the one you have to give you more tools than you could imagine. In addition, this band . Free delivery on eligible orders of £or more. OR Apple watch adapters. See the Lug width image for sizing of your watch.

For watches with an odd-numbered lug. The latest way to never be without a 4mm wrench on the weekends. It will sell for between $1and $200.

Compared to your average G-Shock, Rolex, or even an Apple Watch , the Tread trumps them all. Once we wore the Tread however, it started to make much more sense. Mit diesen Adaptern können Sie verschiedene Uhrenmodelle wie Casio G-Shock oder die Apple watch.

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