Land cruiser 200 fuel consumption

Hi Guys I just looked at the claimed consumption figures of the new LC 2series. Toy SA claims a combined cycle figure of 10. How far are these off the actual experienced figures? John van Dyk Land Cruiser VX 4. Book a test drive online now.

A price premium of $10stands between the petrol and turbodiesel models of the new 2-Series LandCruiser range.

While other companies charge. Claimed fuel consumption figures of 14. The petrol engine delivers . The LandCruiser 2makes the most sense in GXL specification as tested here.

Vengine, which generates 200kW and 650Nm. The ADR fuel claim is an impressive 9. This engine is far more suited to the Land Cruiser , as you hear and feel very little of it within the cabin, but provides the enormous SUV some proper long-legged ability. Fuel consumption benefits too, with a claimed 9.

Actual figure measured at the bowser was 9. Not bad for a Vlugging around 2. Toyota LandCruiser 2Series GXL. I often say to people that if fuel economy is one of your major concerns, then getting . Crash rating: not tested. Engine: 5-litre Vturbodiesel. Transmission: 6- speed automatic.

Its size, awkward looks and relatively. Keep in min however, it has two fuel . Over the course of our week-long test drive we recorded an average figure of 16. When it comes to effortless big trip towing, the LandCruiser 2Series Sahara reigns supreme.

For a start, diesel is cheap in Australia by world standards at its current . An opportunity may shortly present itself where we may be able to upgrade from our 1series to the 2series Landcruiser. Many thanks in anticipation. I have lost approx 2-2km per .