Konduit osrs

The performant, safe and innovative toolkit for Oldschool RuneScape. Our client boasts a large and growing set of features, and with an active development team, Konduit is continously evolving. Our team keeps an eye on our forums and social media, so you can always discuss any . The Konduit client for Oldschool RuneScape.

The body of your submission must be related to Old School RuneScape.

No Advice Animals or other image macros. No advertising your forums. This one will earn you a ban. No macroing ban appeals. Is the Konduit client safe? Is Konduit client safe to use? What do you personally use?

Many people have being hacked after using the client, but somebody on reddit did a fairly thorough analyses of the client, while it does not confirm that it. Anyone have the same issue? The website is also down for me.

Posts: 637Rune Posts by user Forum Profile RuneMetrics Profile. I do not use the client, but I did see where people were talking about it being down. Has anyone ever used it? Can I not use my osrs account on Konduit client?

S: Any (or most) RS client will work. Konduit works with LG, as well as official OSRS Client. Runeloader should work as well. How did you get Konduit to work with TRiBot? Beta Testing mode is active!

All new users get credit upon login. Please read the Getting Started guide before requesting a server! We have spent months trying out many different methods to . Aussie Lunatic Follow . If you see a drop in frame rate your best bet is simply to make your client a little smaller.

It is worth noting that Old School does not use your graphics card.