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Prior to delving more into this KnC mining quagmire, what are some potential hardware scams customers or news organizations should be knowledgeable about? What should customers and other organizations look for that demonstrates the mining emperor has no clothes? KnCMiner focuses on producing miners for cryptocurrencies.

In a surprise announcement, KnC Miner said today that it is filing for bankruptcy, citing bitcoin block reward halving and Chinese competition. GitHub is where people build software.

KNC miner is a European based mining company. The farm used to produce mining rigs but no longer does – instead they provide cloud mining services. Although these at present are not available or sold out. Hi everybody, We are Swedish miners that are producing our own ASIC miners to strengthen the market and avoid monopoly. Join LinkedIn today for free.

Drygt 2miljoner kronor i riskkapital räckte inte. Om priset hade varit högre och våra kostnader lägre skulle vi ha klarat oss.

Just nu kan vi inte påverka dessa saker”, säger KNC Miners vd Sam Cole kort efter konkursbeskedet. Bitcoinkursen tog knäcken på KNC Miner. Beslutet om KNC Miners konkurs . Magnus Daar of Advokatfirman Daar Fallberg , Joakim Strignert of Juristfirma Din Rätt, and Law Office of Charlotte C. Lin announces an international effort to pursue a joint global class action against KnCMiners. With the release of the new 1. In a press release issued late Friday evening Swedish time, the Swedish bitcoin company KNC Miner informs that it has officially filed for bankruptcy. It will consume around . ASICBOOST has been controversial from day one.

We were a hardware and mining company for a few years based out of Sweden. While our history is now just that — history — I do have some points that many of you may still be interested in. KNCMiner sold most of its assets following a bankruptcy procedure three months ago, however, it has now been disclosed that a Swedish company called GoGreenligh has received . KnC Miner declared bankruptcy back in Today, the company is back in business with an improved miner called Titan 2. An old manual for an old piece of hardware.

The KNC Jupiter and Saturn are standalone miners and require no external controller.

They house and mining modules respectively, hashing at 550GH and 275GH. KnC Miner is a Swedish company engaged in the manufacturing of ASIC chips. The company is well funde having raised multimillion dollar rounds of financing.

The company used to sell its ASIC miners to consumers, but it has now discontinued those operations in order to concentrate . The CEO has clarified that the upcoming halving of bitcoin block reward is part of the reason their company is finding it hard to show a profit, and therefore has had to declare bankruptcy.