Klondike gold rush

Yukon and Alaska a brief but fascinating adventure, which has captured the imagination of people around the world ever since. Headlines screamed Gold! Their journey shaped them, and changed the people they encountered and the north forever.

Klondike and Yukon rivers in western Yukon territory. Gold was literally found all . Resting by the side of a small stream that the miners called Rabbit Creek .

MyStorycatcher 8views. Those using the Canadian route crossed the Chilkoot and White Passes and continued by boat down the Yukon River to Dawson City. An economic recession had . However, while everyone had a chance, it was a lot harder than it seemed. Of the 100people who . By the time most gold-seekers reached the region, the richest riverbeds had already been staked out. TripAdvisor among 4attractions in Seattle.

Take the drive up to Dawson City, and along the way visit museums, cultural centres and historic sites with fascinating gold rush information and exhibits.

This accidental discovery was in fact the . There are touches of the . Watertown Conservation Club. The boomtown of Dawson . CAMPING AVAILABLE JANUARY 19TH. This film is the story of the wild stampede to the gold fields, the harsh realities of life in the Yukon, the personal stories of success, failure, tragedy, glory and gree and the historic places where it all took place.

Thousands hoping to ease the woes of economic . Although Robert Service came late to the rush, he was still able to capture the longing, dread and thrill of those who made the journey. Everyone dreams of striking it rich, and some people did just that here on Yukon soil. Of course, it also spurs a lot of questions.

Who were these men who gave up everything to take a chance on . Down the gangplank of these two ships went a rag-tag group of men and women carrying sacks of gold. Get all the facts on HISTORY. Tour many of the restored historic structures in Skagway, including saloons and public buildings.