I wanna be with you everywhere lyrics

Can you hear me calling. I want to be with you everywhere. You better make it soon. WRITTEN BY CHRISTINE McVIE. Wanna be with you everywhere ).

Christine is in love with this man that she even seems to get a little nervous and clumsy around him. She wants to be recognized and loved by him in. Girl, let me keep it real with you. I always wanna be beside you. Gyal, and when the rain is . And I dont know what to say.

Ill speak a little louder. Speak a little louder or even shout.

Written by christine mcvie. Everywhere you go sunshine follows you Everywhere you. Girl let me keep it real with you. Gal and when the rain is falling. Sopranos everywhere , A chorus of the choicest voices.

CAN YOU STILL KEEP ON SHINING, SHINING YOUR LIGHT? SO THAT I MIGHT FIND MY WAY HOME ONE MORE NIGHT. If you close your eyes forever. No matter where you are. Tell me that you missed me.

Cause I see you everywhere. When you put your arms . Youve been telling everybody. But I dont know, I dont know. Is that so, I dont know cause I see you everywhere.

And youre always on my mind. Don says that his statement here is to please quit putting labels on him and take off the ones you have .