Hydraulic press vs diamond

Can the press manage this BEAST? Will the diamond SHATTER or the press BREAK? A diamond is a really hard material but not very strong in comparison.

Hardness is a surface property, the harder a material the lesser its likely to be scratched by a lesser hard (softer?) material. So, the diamond will get instantly crushed if y.

What would happen if you try to crush a diamond with a hydraulic press ? Would the hardest substance (as we know it) resist the pressure? You guys have screamed for this f. The most recent matchup? Hydraulic press vs diamond. Big thanks to Brilliant earth for making this video possible.

Post with votes and views. F-color, SI1-clarity, natural diamond and placed it under the crusher with the pavilion (pointy side) facing down.

Unbelievably, the diamond defeats the press as it gets embedded into the steel below — without a scratch. DM for video credit or tweet removal requests. Mohs scale of mineral hardest to withstand the incredible pressure of the press. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: Shatters like an enemy after Sub Zero.

However, hardness does not mean that it is resistant to shattering. For example, glass is harder than steel on the Mohs scale, but steel can obviously easily shatter glass. So we decided to order one nice diamond a month ago and we finally recieved it! They say diamonds are the hardest material on this planet and that a. A graphene hydraulic ‘nano- press ‘ has proved to be capable of creating new two- dimensional materials by exerting huge pressure on compounds. Diamond are not forever . Graphene is stronger than diamond , which allows the extreme amount of pressure to be exerted on trapped molecules without breaking the graphene layers.

So, naturally, someone put it up . Fun with fidget spinners and super strong magnets! Free Energy Magnetic Fidget Spinner Real? On Saturday 14th May a video was released showing a 1. Where the confusion really begins for diamonds is in regards to their hardness versus their toughness.

But does that make them indestructible?