Hilux problem

So in this video we wanted to show you how to remove, refit and program new injectors but our footage was lost. Are you having problems with your Toyota HiLux? Lack of power and black smoke coming from the exhaust are a few symptoms.

You may also hear a different noise coming from the turbo. A replacement pipe fixes . This issue will result in a loss of boost pressure.

On our Christmas break I would find that once the car have been cruising longer than half an hour it would be hard to disengage a gear, e. There are complaints on file for the Toyota Hilux. A potentially very serious problem affects the 2. D-4D diesel engine used in the Hilux and relates to the fuel-injector seals. These seals can leak, letting blow-by gases . This is a real problem because these commercial utes are being used as family wagons. It is more the commercial utes that are the problem in our fleet than actually SUVs.

At the same time, SUVs were shrinking, utes have been growing. Your standard ute is no longer based on a Ford Falcon chassis.

Who it comes to the Hilux the D4D system is often used as leverage to imply that he Hilux owner has questionable sexuality. The truth falls to the fact that whilst . This Thread is ONLY for the new 2. Ramtau Malatji: I can not agree more to the picture of the Hilux as shown on the article. I think Toyota must do something about this.

Thanks for identifying the problem too. Would pay to get a pre end of warranty inspection, just to see if there are any items that can be done under warranty before it expires. Recalls, problems and faults for the Toyota Mk. Includes problems and causes, from owners, repairers and technical service bulletins.

The Hilux has a few mechanical woes, mostly around the common-rail injection system. Like most Toyota diesels they are built to last. One common problem with Hilux seems to be the injectors. Obviously a good service history is a must. Make sure the engine runs smooth and doesnt blow excessive smoke.

Assalamaleikum, I work at a garage here in Kenya. Hope someone helps me on this so i can impress the boss. We have a Toyota Hilux D-D 2KD engine.

Upon further inspection i realized that the Solenoid Valve is not pushing the fuel to the pump.

Anyone knows where i can get just the Solenoid Valve to purchase, Toyota do not want to sell the Valve . It is not the first time that Toyota Hilux is close to tip over. The tested car was extra-equipped with 16-inch wheels whose wider tires gave too much grip. Late generation common rail systems are associated worldwide with a variety of problems , not limited to the Hilux , but more visible simply because of the number of trucks on the road. D4D rattle, premature Hilux injectors and pumps failing, stalling, rapid piston and cylinder deterioration have all been .