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When Asgard was attacked by the Dark Elves, Heimdall discovered his powers were blocked by the Elves so he was forced to . Despite his phenomenal ability however, Heimdall was unable to perceive . Heimdall the Gatekeeper is a servant of All-Father and ally of Thor. He was the guardian of Asgar standing on the rainbow bifrost bridge and . Korg : Yeah, I accidentally stomped on him on the bridge. Heimdall is ordered by Odin to keep Thor from returning to Asgard.

What was your question . Shortly afterwards, when Odin was about to enter his Odinsleep, he passed the Odinpower on to Heimdall to rule Asgard until he awoke. Heimdall has appeared in three Marvel movies prior to Thor : Ragnarok, but who is this character and what is his origin from the comics? Find out before you see the movie on November 3. I see you, though you are far away. Thor and Heimdall during the events of Ragnarok. Who they were, and who they now must become.

Those comments got the ire of Joss Whedon, who abhors spoilers.

Wait until they see how he feels about the torture involved with filming a Marvel. Therefore, when it was confirmed the actor would reprise his role for Thor : Ragnarok, fans were eager to learn how . Could Heimdall be holding the Soul Gem, and will it make an appearance in Thor 3: Ragnarok? The popular theory right now is that Heimdall , the stoic rainbow bridge toll collector played by Idris Elba, holds the Soul Stone.

DC Comics TV show twist, or how Star Wars will answer one of their big questions, or the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To read more about Idris Elba, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, or buy it here now. The boycott was organized . Thor Ragnarok bad news for Natalie Portman fans. Heimdall will make another appearance in Ragnarok.

The director has done a really amazing job of . Avengers: Thor star Chris Hemsworth thought he was being FIRED. After the Luther star was cast as all-seeing Asgård sentry Heimdall , some fans of the source material criticized the decision because Elba is black, and the character was white in all prior comic appearances. The white-supremacy group Council Of Conservative Citizens established boycott- thor. When Thor was using Loki to spirit Jane into Svartalfheim, Heimdall calls Odin t. In the movie, Skurge tells Thor that Heimdall has been removed by Loki because of his lack of discipline.

Loki has to create some reason in order to remove Heimdall from his position as he was trustworthy to the Kingdom. I think Thor is the only one who knew about the prophecy as he was following the .

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