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This table aims to support the discussion concerning the individual study plan with regards to the generic and transferable skills competencies ( GTS competencies). Suggestions is given, when it could be of value to take different GTS courses during your doctoral studies. However the courses builds u. Scientists of today need both deep academic excellence and competence to tackle complex interdisciplinary challenges that contributes to a sustainable societal development.

Generic and Transferable Skills ( GTS ) is an educational initiative that intends to highlight and develop the generic and transf. Doctoral students at Chalmers have access to a cross- cultural learning environment, interdisciplinary graduate schools, scientific conferences in Sweden and abroad and an international environment where they can carry out their research in contact with other research groups .

The studies of research in your field of passion is combined with competence development in the areas of communication, . In case of cancellation less than one week before the start your Deputy Head of Department will be informed to support your . Read more about doctoral studies at Chalmers University of Technology here. GTS courses are mainly carried out at two locations – Lindholmen Science Park and Johanneberg Science Park. Some of the courses take also place in the Chalmers Library in campus Johanneberg.

Attention: GTS website moves into new Doctoral portal at Chalmers. From now on you will find all information related to GTS activities such as courses, registration, news and other current . Applied Project Management” is one of the .

These courses are mandatory for all doctoral students and need to be completed before the licentiate . GTS – Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Join us for an invited talk with Dr. Giuseppe Durisi ( Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden):. Title: “How much energy is.

The General Transportation System ( GTS ) Foundation has a vision of creating an environmentally- and economically sustainable transportation system. The GTS Foundation is currently in the planning stage of a more developed “Rapid Transportation System” (RTS) that consists of cabins suspended under driving sleds . Develop deep-rooted academic excellence with competences to tackle complex interdisciplinary challenges that contributes to a sustainable future. Personal and Professional Development of. PhD Students and Young Scientists.

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