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What or who inspires you to act on sustainability? Benny Sällberg, Nedelko Grbic and Ingvar Claesson. This re- port stresses some implementation aspects when implementing a. Hybrid domain implementation of the Adaptive Gain. Equalizer (AGE) employing digital and analog domain analysis and pure analog synthesis.

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A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system that . The EU has come up with a new set of climate and energy targets. Why where these targets chosen, how where they processed and what do they mean in reality? What are the challenges laying ahead? Anders Wijkman, Tällberg Foundation, former member of the European .

Ringh M(1), Jonsson M(1), Nordberg P(1), Fredman D(1), Hasselqvist-Ax I(1), Håkansson F (1), Claesson A(1), Riva G(1), Hollenberg J(2). BACKGROUND: In Stockholm, a first responder system and a Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) program has been implemented. The Blues implemented this strategy Dec. Carolina Hurricanes, a 3-victory, ad something Yeo was pleased with.

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This version of EnergyWatch only suports swedish. There is also a finish version, but at the moment no english version. In this paper was implemented analysis of ash features with and without adding additives into the wheat straw.