Font awesome spinner

Font Awesome , the iconic font and CSS framework. Use fa-ul and fa-li to easily replace default bullets in unordered lists. When creating JavaScript-rich applications an indicator is often used to give the user some certainty the page is working behind the scenes. If not present a user may question if the page has stalled or not.

An animated GIF known as a spinner (or loader) is a common way to achieve this.

I have recently used following jQuery and FontAwesome trick to have some cool spinner. The main intention of this article to give you some sort of inspiration to go crazy with FontAwesome and jQuery. Basically, I needed a cool spinner for a smooth transition from unfollow to follow state or vice versa for my . Do you wanna modern spinner and replace the old default one?

In your showthread_quickreply template (and anywhere else you might have a spinner), replace this: Code: div id=quickreply_spinner . Add the desired CSS class to the icon (or any element of your DOM). For parent hover, add the CSS class faa-parent and animated-hover on the parent. You can regulate the speed of the animation by adding the CSS class faa-fast or faa-slow.

A React component for the font – awesome icon library. Use the fa-spin class to get any icon to rotate, and use fa-pulse to have it rotate with steps. Great icons and easy to use! But are you using all the tricks that make FontAwesome even easier to use? Check out these FontAwesome tricks that you may not have spotted in the documentation.

Font awesome spinner icons with examples. This is caused by alignments of the icon font. However the generated image is always centered and of perfect size. All 3rd party brands, trademarks, trade-, product- and corporate-names, logos and other properties belong to their respective owners.

By using our services, you agree not to violate any . Join the conversation now. Hello Currently I would like to use the example under Icons without images. I tried to add fa- spinner class in my. Icon fonts are great, because they enable you to easily change color, size and more via CSS.

Spinner icon for loading content. How to get the beloved Icon- Font inside your WPF App.