Fiat 8090 specifications

Production: Manufacturer: Fiat. WD Standard tires (ag):, Front: 11. Transmission: Type: shuttle. Gears: forward and reverse.

Four gears (1-4) in three ranges (low, medium, high) with a two-speed high-low shift.

Bore x stroke mm, 104×11 104×11 104×115. Instant online access to serial number info, paint codes, capacities, weights and more instantly. Used Values, Specs , Pictures and More. EIGHT GALLONS OF WEIGHT GREASE. Would definately go for the fiat.

Utilaje agricole si industriale Tractoare. La seconda serie, entrata in produzione nella seconda metà degli anni settanta, vide delle nuove modifiche estetiche alla cabina, ora molto . Fiat Traktorer säljes och köpes.

Engine Replacement Parts. If a clutch assembly, check the dimensions and whether the clutch is a dual. For overhaul of engine without removal from the tractor – ie. Liners included where originally fitted (Wet sleeve models only).

EKM FULL ENGINE OVERHAUL KITS. Includes: all the above PLUS: Main Bearings . Type, Stock number, Description, Photo. Schindler HD front axle. We also discuss their tractors popularity.

Show original Front tire specifications : 16RRear tire specifications : 19RFront tire. For a manual transmission the GLspec is best. Put a GLoil in there and you will loose the smoothness as there are too many EP (extreme pressure) additives in the GL5. For the trans, most go with the Ford Motorcraft MTF.

Some farmer asked about this in local. I think it was rated a couple. However, smooth styling might have oozed sophistic.