Fiat 80 90 specifications

Fiat – tractor overview. Production: Manufacturer: Fiat. Variants: – : 2WD. WD Standard tires (ag):, Front: 11. Transmission: Type: shuttle.

Gears: forward and reverse. Four gears (1-4) in three ranges (low, medium, high) with a two-speed high-low shift. Technical information: – , – CL, – CL. Instant online access to serial number info, paint codes, capacities, weights and more instantly.

Used Values, Specs , Pictures and More. With approximately 800built, it is the eighth . Bore and stroke: x 67mm;.

It is built in Anjo, Japan. When unrolled at temperatures between 50° and ° F. Insulation paper shall be made of good quality fibrous material, thoroughly saturated with an asphaltum bitumen. No cracking on bending fiat on itself.

Multijet HComfort Van Van are shown in the tabs below. These specifications are provided to help with your car research. Top speed: Mph NEDC consumption: 72.

Uniontown, Ohio Most automobile transmissions and dif- r ferentials require the use of an SAE 80W – gear oil. Although this oil is graded 80W – , its thickness,. The only problem they don’t come with . Would definately go for the fiat.

Download a brochure of your. External dimensions (mm): length. Diesel cylinder inline. Direct MultiJetCommon Rail, electronic control with turbo and intercooler. Fuel Economy, – mpg.