Electrical bushing

In electric power, a bushing is an insulated device that allows an electrical conductor to pass safely through a grounded conducting barrier such as the case of a transformer or circuit breaker. Повідомити про інше зображення Поскаржитись на вміст зображення. An electrical bushing can be explained as an apparatus for transmitting power in or out of enclosures, i. Insulator testing and maintenance of high voltage bushings bureau.

Standard air to air bushings , used as electrical component connections.

Bushing ( electrical ). For all applications, Alstom Grid proposes a cost effective solution to facilitate the electric stress control of your equipment. Our bushings for electrical transmission offer AC and DC solutions with high-value customer benefits: longer lifetime and higher reliability, increased safety, no maintenance and installation flexibility. Transformers Services, Vadodara, Gujarat. According to Construction.

Electrical insulators and termination devices are designed and tested to specific electrical industry standards. Therefore, the range and grade of products available is offered relative to those . Weidmann provide a range of high quality products and services for bushings , cables and other critical components in the power sector.

This has the effect of foreshortening the under-oil end of the bushing but requires a more complex lower porcelain section, which adds considerably to the cost. In order to make the electrical connection to the bushing , the HV lead terminates in a flexible pigtail which is threaded through the central tube and connected inside. Failures have led to the destruction of in-service, porcelain-cla high voltage electrical bushings. These failures can result in porcelain fragments flying significant distances, m or more, with a mass and velocity high enough to cause serious injury and damage to structures and equipment in and around a substation. A tap layer is spirally wound around the condenser insulation system for more than one turn.

A ground layer is interleaved with the tap layer and is also wound around the insulation system. Moisture causes deterioration of the bushing insulation and can result in explosive failure, causing extensive transformer and other equipment damage, as well as hazards to personnel. To prevent electrical catastrophes and optimize HV bushing service life, the following preventive maintenance and testing . VTE will still accept POs from existing customers ONLY.

B Series products up to the point of installation ONLY. This paper illustrates the use of electric field computation to optimize the design of gas filled high voltage composite bushings. Abstract: High electric field intensities along the composite insulator surface of high voltage bushings , in particular around the area of the grounded electrode, can result in electrical partial discharges on the silicone rubber surface. Product Line Description. We manufacture epoxy resin bushings with APG technology for different applications in electrical industry.

Note: most of our parts are customized parts. Please send your drawings for checking production feasibility and price.

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