El diablo suicide squad real name

Real name : Chato Santana. In the modern era, politician and ex-boxer Rafael Sandoval took the name to protect a small town in Texas. The third Diablo is Chato Santana, an ex-criminal with the ability to control fire.

Former Leader of a Street Gang. El Diablo was created by Robert . Though he was born in California, Chato Santana grew up in Mexico.

As a young boy, he joined the Los Reyes Loco, a particularly dangerous gang. Thanks to his shrewd wit and . Upon realizing that innocent women and children were killed in the blaze, . KILL YOUR DARLINGS” part three! Their first mission: save the world from the apocalypse.

During an altercation with police, he is shot and sent to the hospital to treat his wounds. While there, near death, he has a chance encounter with a man named Lazarus Lane. When the government needs secret missions done that can be disavowed latter, they send in the Suicide Squad. Officially going under the project name Task Force X, the government assigns its super criminals to what are assessed as suicide missions with the promise of time served if the mission is .

As his supervillain title might suggest, George “Digger” Harkness is born -and-raised in Australia, with a talent for creating sophisticate high-tech boomerangs. Inducted into the Suicide Squad in . Played by: Jai Courtney. Powers: Master of boomerangs. Since Suicide Squad is coming out soon I decided to go head and start a series that gives you. After accidentally killing a mass of inmates at his former prison (as well as his family), Santana is racked . She lets him out by latching him onto an unfortunate guy in a public toilet (Alain Chanoine).

In the first few panels, we see Deadshot ordering the Squad to destroy a . Guide to the Suicide Squad Characters. Government Name : Chato Santana. Bio: Chato Santana earned his nom de guerre after gaining . The Suicide Squad , finally working together as a real team, confront the monstrous Incubus and Enchantress, ready to stop the demon and witch and save the world.

Affiliations, Suicide Squad. Thinker, Clifford DeVoe, Died. Naming no names , there are some characters we would be happy to see return for the Suicide Squad sequel and others we would rather forget.