Chromebook shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to complete some tasks more quickly. Popular shortcuts Take a scre. Chrome OS and other operating systems share quite a few shortcuts , but many are unique to Chrome OS. A dozen keyboard shortcuts to make Chrome OS even easier to use.

Here are essential keyboard . Keyboard shortcuts are a combination of keys that allow you to quickly perform specific actions. In the Chrome OS you can easily see all of the available keyboard shortcuts using the steps below. When you hold down the Ctrl, Alt or Shift keys the keyboard . Just like Windows and Mac OS X, Chrome OS supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts. Some of these reveal extra functionality, some simply speed up repetitive tasks. Take some time to check out the shortcuts ! Launch chromebook help manual.

Previous language input method. Chromebook is missing DELETE and CapsLock Key. Created By pressing a combination of keys, you can do things that normally need a mouse, trackpa or other input device. Using the device itself is always the first point of focus, with that in mind here are some extremely helpful shortcuts.

Known as the taskbar on Windows machines or . I have a chromebook , and the only thing I can think of is seeing if they have a Greek keyboard in settings and they might have a shortcut there.