Celsius tecken iphone

Everyone loves to talk about the weather. It seemingly bonds us all in a common yet mundane dialog. How to Type Degree Symbol in iPhone and iPad. The first thing you need to do when typing the centigrade symbol (i.e. ° C ) in your iPhone or iPad is to type the degree symbol. If you have no idea how to directly type it, you can find the right solution in this article.

The iPhone virtual keyboard is useful, but some features are hidden from plain sight. Does anyone know how to type the degree symbol on an iPhone ? Ever wondered how to type the degree symbol on the iPhone , iPa or iPod touch virtual keyboard on iOS ? I did this in Pages: We enjoyed the daytime temperature of ° C , but we shivered at night when the temperature dropped to ° C. And again in Numbers: Screen Shot 2013-05-at 12. There are quite a few symbols hidden behind numbers and letters on iPhone. The symbols for currency are a good example, but a less known hidden symbol is the circle that indicates a temperature degree. ▶ 0:https://www. Degree signs ° ( Celsius , Fahrenheit and ° symbols on keyboard) Signos de grado ° (Símbolos Celsius , Fahrenheit y ° en teclado).

The symbol consists of a small raised circle, historically a zero glyph. In Unicode it is encoded at U+00B0 .