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Hur upplever du din KOL? Utför KOL-testet (COPD Assessment Test, CAT ). Detta frågeformulär kommer att hjälpa dig och din vårdgivare att mäta den inverkan KOL (kroniskt obstruktiv lungsjukdom) har på ditt välbefinnande och dagliga liv. Svaren o ch testresultatet kan användas av dig och din vårdgivare för att hjälpa dig . Svaren och testresultatet kan användas av dig och din vårdgivare för att hjälpa dig förbättra vården av din KOL och få bästa.

The COPD Assessment Test ( CAT ) is a questionnaire for people with COPD.

You may, for personal use and for research . Is your cat slowing down? Mobility problems can not only cause your cat pain but also have serious effects on her overall quality of life. Know the warning signs to look out for. The fine table has a score in the finish.

There were scores of people at the shopping mall on Christmas Eve. Ytterligare översättningar. Svenska tersettblblloteket, nr.

Click here for live, in-game score updates from Cat -Griz at Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman.

This Tweet is currently unavailable. A very basic project that demonstrates how to set and change a score. The player receives points every time the Scratch cat is clicked. Shared: Modified: Favorite this project 24. View the remix tree 251 . PLAY IN FULL SCREEN FOR BEST QUALITY ! Controls Press SPACE or CLICK to ascend!

Click the START BUTTON or press SPACE to start! Fly through pipes to try to beat the top score ! Notes You guys loved my Nyan Cat. LSR statistics graduate, interned at Sony and IIT Bombay. Thank-you it was quite helpful.

Sign in to like this comment. In Crazy Cat for Androi your cat can chase a cute mouse on screen running across a background of delicious Swiss cheese. Essaie de calmer la faim des Nom Cat ! Appuie et maintiens les touches droite et gauche pour ouvrir la bouche des deux chats et les nourrir avec des vagues infinies de poissons.

Plus tu manges de poissons, plus ton score augmente. Tu dois rester bien concentré et éviter les bombes volantes.

Melbourne Women vs Greater. Adelaide Women vs Brisbane. The King (Naser al-Din Shah Qajar) takes it under his roof and bestows all kinds of lavish royal blessings to it.