Bosch spark plugs cross reference

Convert one spark plug brand to another. Huge database covering 3different brands and thousands of spark plugs and glow plugs. Spark plug cross reference.

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By using this information you accept the terms of the disclaimer. Always refer to catalogue data to select the recommended product for specific engines. Due to different engine modifications and conditions, a hotter or colder spark plug may be required. To ensure correct spark plug application verify V. Reverse Engineer Parts by Dimension.

Cross – Reference Search. Prices may be subject to change without warning. The presence of a spark plug in our price lists does not necessarily guarantee availability.

Some of the plugs listed here may . Bosch to NGK cross reference. Products in stock for same day dispatch. Over one million spark plugs sold.

Includes Harley numbers and selections from NGK, Champion, and other spark plug brands. NEW, MOTORCRAFT, MTRCFSTK, ND_STK. Nology Silver high performance spark plugs are the best spark plugs in the world. Like the other Nology high performance ignition products silver spark plugs are for race cars, trucks, motorcycles, hondas, acuras, harley davidson and boats, we also have high performance ignition coils, electronic ignition systems and . Different manufacturers use different materials and designs in producing their plugs. This may account for the plugs not having the exact same heat ranges.

Double Iridium Extreme Duty spark plug. Old magnetos do not like resistance. Using a resister plug in a Maytag is death to the already stressed mags.

This is probably why one needs to cross reference old numbers to old numbers, to avoid any kind of mix up. A spark plug cross reference chart can be used when you need to replace a spark plug but cannot find the exact model your car came with. Other models you may see in racing engines are Autolite .

Below you will find charts with plug cross references by brand. Different brands work better on different types of engines, so generally you want to use the same brand and part number plug recommended by the manufacturer. There are some plugs that are very . LIST MAY TAKE SEVERAL MINUITS TO LOAD.

SPARK PLUG CROSS REFERENCE. COM FOR ALL YOUR IGNITION RELATED NEEDS. About of these are spark plug. A wide variety of spark plug cross reference options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples. Look for BERU parts Search by partnumber Search by vehicle.

Find the equivalent BERU part.