Bmw 116 problem

I always promised myself a BMW when I retired so last year when I did actually take the retirement route I went off to a Glasgow BMW dealer for a new Series. However, I took the plunge and ordered one. This is a common problem with the petrol engines. The problem is down to a faulty Bosch Coil Pack. Indications that you may have this problem are: Lack of power.

Amber Engine warning light.

Cylinder block alloy, Aluminum. Configuration, Straight-4. Valvetrain, DOHC valves per cylinder. Piston stroke, mm (inch), (3). Power output, kW ( 1HP) at 0rpm.

Reliability is important to me which is now why I prefer Japanese, these being the only brands to cause me no problems at all. Mainly used for short commutes to work and back ( less than miles one-way) and going about town. BMW Series , E8 116i – Problems with the car on a cold start.

Here is a list of common series problems with solutions that most people have found to work.

That was the same year BMW also . Hi John, I enjoy you sessions on Radio 2UE. After a recent service my mechanic told me he thinks the timing chain is getting noisy and drew my attention to some stuff on the web about . As a result, these cars are rather well pursued on the desirability front, combining good looks with great driveability. With a real sporty feel behind the wheel and the classic BMW . I currently own a BMW 120d plate and my timing chain has snapped destroying the engine. Hi, New to the forum and was hoping for some advice really.

I recently broke down whilst driving (car started shaking, juddering and eventually lost power) – the AA towed me to the local Halfords who have diagnosed the problem as . Watchdog has heard from a driver affected by this same problem who only had 20miles on the clock. Faulty traction control unit. See real-world BMW 1-Series problems as described by other BMW 1-Series owners. You will know this has . Also, see repair breakdown by year, problem area, and repair cost. With the subsequent loss in compression, fuel consumption increased by -. Hi Crew, May last year we took delivery of a brand new BMW 116i for the wife.

Arctic white, black leather etc. Liked a Seat Leon at the start of the year but have not seen one I liked for the last weeks (test driven a few). Recently I have been tempted to go for a BMW series after a recent test drive but would like to know anyone have good or bad experiences of the diesel vs petrol models?