It was nicknamed the Daisy Cutter partially for its ability to clear. The warhead contained 16pounds of GSX (Gelled Slurry Explosive) filler called DBA-22M. The bomb is detonated a few feet above ground level by a 38-inch fuze extender, . Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB). The US has dropped devastating “daisy cutter” bombs, first used in the Vietnam war, on Taliban positions in northern Afghanistan, the Pentagon said yesterday.

Leaflet mission number was the last leaflet drop of the war. The target area was the northernmost re- gions of Kuwait and was directed at selected airfields and elite Republican Guard . Cases are stored empty and require premix filling before they can be used. Originally developed to clear the jungles of Vietnam, this 1000-pound bomb creates an instant Landing Zone (LZ) for helicopters.

In Vietnam, it was nicknamed “Commando Vault” an later, the “ Daisy . During the Vietnam War, the USAF used 1000-pound M1bombs left over from World War II, to blast Helicopter Landing Zones in the dense undergrowth. Weighing a total of 1000 . Originally designed to create an instant clearing in the jungles of Vietnam, it was test-dropped there from a . Explodes just above the surface and has a very large radius. The following files are in this category, out of total.

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An ever steepening face concludes the route with a brainy, technical bulge being the final crux. Long and thought provoking, this is a. Pointstreak Sport Technologies is the market leader in Real-time Statistics and Sports League Management Systems. BLU – Daisy Cutter Fireball. Buy Blu – (Original Mix): Read Digital Music Reviews – Amazon. Ban đầu nó được thiết kế để phát quang, tạo ra một vùng trống trong các cánh rừng ở Việt Nam, nó cũng từng được sử dụng ở Afghanistan như một loại vũ khí chống người và có tác dụng răn.

Listen to Blu – in full in the Spotify app. Get Spotify Open Spotify . Stream KR0Adam Ellis – Blu – by KEARNAGE Recordings from desktop or your mobile device. Type of: antipersonnel bomb, anti- personnel bomb, daisy cutter, fragmentation bomb.

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